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If you want a deep skin exfoliation that is more effective than a regular facial and guarantees to instantly bring rejuvenation into your skin, then you need to know what Microdermabrasion is and how it is done. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure is a favorite skin treatment among many clients as it brings wonderful results.


The process of combining exfoliation and stimulation of the blood supply during a microdermabrasion will surely result to immediate skin transformation. Many clients notice that even just after one session, they instantly notice a boost in the condition of their skin wherein it looks more invigorated, bright and nice, as well as soft to touch. 


Except for those with very thin skin with lots of broken red veins, just about anyone with dull or tired skin will benefit from this cosmetic skin treatment. Regardless of gender, age and skin types a microdermabrasion always gives outstanding results when it comes to giving the face a rejuvenated look, while improving the texture of the skin.



This treatment is all about results! Our medical grade microdermabrasion treatment is a great way to gently “peel” away and reveal softer, younger skin, without the irritation commonly associated with chemical skin peels. Perfect for those seeking to minimize acne scars as well. Surface skin is polished painlessly with our state of the art “diamond tip” machine and vacuum. 

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