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At Renew Medica we have two different technologies for permanent hair removal - ELIGHT and SPL technologies.


What is IPL/E-Light?

IPL is the acronym for "Intense Pulsed Light" and does hair removal with intense pulsed light irradiation.

Unlike the laser which can only emit light at a specific wavelength, the IPL light is able to provide a broad wavelength range. The operating principle is very similar. IPL / E Light method has the big advantage that this method can be individually “configured” by using different filter types for different skin and hair type.

"E-Light" is the next level of technology, which combines the advantages of IPL and radiofrequency (electromagnetic waves). Radiofrequency is independent of melanin and thus independent of skin type. That means that through radiofrequency we have a much higher possibility to remove light gray and red hair, permanently, which is not possible by IPL technology only.


What is SPL?

SPL stands for Square Pulsed Light. This is a relatively new form of laser hair removal that can permanently reduce any unwanted hair. A lot of people find that they have unwanted hair either on their face or body that they want to get rid of for good and this is one of the best ways of doing so. If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your body then you will know how time consuming it can actually be having to get rid of it regularly by waxing or shaving.


How does Elight and SPL work?

Skin and hair pigment melanin absorbs light at a specific wavelength and heats up. Due to the difference in color between hair and skin, the heat of the light will be directly transferred to the hair root and are thus prevented from growing. The hair follicle is obliterated, the hair cannot regrow.

Still IPL/ E-Light or SPL cannot succeed in a single session to get a complete depilation. At the time of a treatment about 20 to 30 percent of hair are in growing phase. As only in the growing phase the root is “visible” to the IPL, several treatments are carried out according to body region and re-crowing intensity in 2 to 12 weeks intervals in order to achieve permanent hair removal.



What has to be done before?


  • The hair should be about 4 weeks not previously depillared, plucked or harvested.

  • No use of light-sensitive drugs (antibiotics, St. John's wort, etc.)

  • Optimally, the hair should be 24-48 hours before shaved

  • At least 2 - 3 weeks before a treatment: No solarium and no sauna











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